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May you, those you love and those who love
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My son and me

This is my home page where you will find all the web pages and videos I have made.  I do hope that you will enjoy your visit here. 

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"Our Father"


For Thine is Kingdom and the Power
and the Glory ~ Forever and Ever

"The Nature of God"


I love God, the beauty of creation, and music - combining all three together in a video, to me, is a beautiful thing.  Thank you to Thomas Jones and Richard Berardi for contributing their soothing and inspired rendition of "Amazing Grace".


"Arms Of Your Love"


Even when we take a wrong turn or go down the wrong
 path,  God is always there ready to welcome us home.

"Forever Friends"


When you ask God for a gift, be thankful if He sends
not diamonds, pearls, or riches, but the love of
real true friends.

"This Blessing Is For You"


A special Irish blessing narrated by Roma Downey
Just for you!



A stunning video glorifying God and His magnificent
creation.  I did not make this video, but I have to
share its beauty and message with you.

"I Can Only Imagine"


Will I dance for you Jesus
or to my knees will I fall?



May God's Grace shine upon you.

"He Will Be"


Richard Berardi's original and
 beautiful instrumental 

"He Will Be"


A wonderful vocal rendition by Ronnie Kimball
of Richard Berardi's instrumental of  
"He Will Be" (featured above).

"If I Had My Life to Live Over"


A time to reflect and give thanks for some
 of the simpler but important things in life.



The words we speak can change a life;
 including our own.   We choose.  

"Heart to Heart"

- Videos -

My singing

"The King's Proposal"


That is the very heart of Jesus.  I am honored to be able to present this moving narration from Roy Lamont and Mark Davidson.  I hope that you will take a few minutes from your day and listen, with your heart, to words from the scriptures that convey the very heart of Jesus and His love for you.


"A Mother's Day Prayer"


A good prayer for any day - really!

God Bless the Moms!

"There Must Be A Reason"

If you have ever lost someone dear to you, especially if it was a young child, you've probably done a lot of soul searching and asking a similar question as the one in this video.  Written by my friend, Denny, who lost his five year old son to an illness.


"The Way of Suffering"
( Via Dolorosa )


He chose to walk that road out
of His love for you and me.

"So Many Roads"


So many roads in our lives.  Which way to go?

"In You I Found Me"


A lovely song to offer up to our  Lord in praise and worship ,  and as many have written, "In You  (I found me)"  is also a very special love song for weddings and anniversaries.  

"Thank You Veterans"


God bless you!

"Remembering 9-11-2001"


These are some photos I saved from September 11, 2001 and the days following when it did seem like the world stopped turning and, for awhile, united as one. 

"The First Christmas Gift"


What was the first Christmas Gift?

"What Would Jesus
Want For Christmas?"


What would He have on His wish list?

"Sing For The King"


A joyful and uplifting song by Ronnie Kimball celebrating the birth of Christ the Lord - The King of Kings!

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         My King!

     Glorify Him 
  A Rose Is A Rose
         that never fade
   Bricks From The Ashes 
(For the Abused)
  Calling All Angels
  For Dad     Did She Know?
   My Little Angel


    Precious Friend


God Bless our men and women in uniform

The Spirit Of America
      Wings of Freedom    If I Die Before
          You Wake 



A Worthy Foundation

Music is a powerful way to communicate.  It can make us laugh or cry, inspire, motivate, deliver messages of faith and love and even bring healing to the hurt. The Songs of Love Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing personalized uplifting songs, free of charge, for children and teens currently facing tough medical, physical or emotional challenges.  If you are looking for a worthy cause to support, please take a look at what the Songs Of Love foundation does for children, free of charge..


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