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God gave what He loves most

He is the First and the Last
The Beginning and the End

He is the keeper of creation
and the creator of all!

He is the architect of the universe
 and the manager of all times.

He always was, He always is
and He always will be.....
unmoved, unchanged, 
undefeated and never undone

He was bruised and brought healing.
He was pierced and eased pain.

He was persecuted 
and brought Freedom
He was dead and brought Life

The world can't understand Him
The armies can't defeat Him
The schools can't explain Him

The leaders can't ignore Him.
Herod couldn't kill Him,

The Pharisees couldn't confuse Him,
and the people couldn't hold Him!

Nero couldn't crush Him
Hitler couldn't silence Him

The New Age can't replace Him, and
no one can explain Him away!

He is goodness, kindness, 
gentleness, and He is God

He is Holy, Righteous, 
Mighty, Powerful and Pure

He is light, love, 
longevity, and He is Lord

His ways are right,
His word is eternal, 
His will is unchanging

He is everything for everybody,
everywhere, every time, 
and in every way.

His mind is on you.

His desire is to spend 
eternity with YOU.

Blessed be the name of the Lord!

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The illustration of Jesu
is the
fine art of Darrel Tank
"Used with permission"